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What is happening? Decline of cold-water zooplankton and increase in warm-water species with warming off eastern Tasmania from the 1970s to the present.

13 Oct 2008 ture leaf bearing older galls; C. Adaxial leaf blade with gall; D. Abaxial leaf blade with gall. ungalled leaves harvested from plants bearing.

chambers bearing one or several larva per chamber. .. Motta LB, Kraus JE, Salatino A, Salatino MLF (2005) Distribution of metabolites in galled and non-galled

torted, bearing pouched galls, both on the adaxial and abaxial surfac- es (Fig:1). . 575-582 Motta, L., Kraus, J. E., Salatino, A., & Salatino, M. L. F. (2005).